We all love travelling and the historical environment. If you also love helping people, working in the hospitality industry, and are willing to get sweaty and dirty; you may be the partner we are looking for. Please send us your CV if you would like to become a part of our team.

[Solo Singer Jobs]

1. [Housekeepers] FT/PT

If you are willing to get sweaty, get your hands dirty, care and take care of people; you may be the right person for this position.

Duties: front-desk reception, housekeeping, booking administration, and home decoration.

2. [Cleaners] FT/PT

If you ‘re willing to get sweaty, get your hands dirty, be modest, and be sensitive with details of cleaning, you may be the right person for this position.

Duties: housekeeping and cleaning.

3. [Visual Design Assistant] PT

If you’re an organized and efficient person who is good at visual design, we would love to work with you on improving the visual experience of our ads and webs.

Duties: visual design, graphic design, and administrative work that help us to deliver our values to the world.

4. [Cook & Waiters] FT/PT

If you’re interested in cooking, tea, and alcohol, please work with us to share your patience with food to the world.

Duties: table waiting, food serving, and kitchen purchase.

5. Work at Stay

If you’re getting ready to have a short break or getting ready to step into another stage of your life, you’re welcome to trade your work with our accommodation during your stay.

Duties: 1) housekeeping, front-desk reception, and cleaning 2) if you have other skills to trade, you’re welcome to propose a plan. Please see application detail here. 

Please enclose your CV to / Subject: Join Solo Singer