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北投場地租借 Beitou Meeting Venue
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北投包棟旅館10-30人 Rent the Entire Hotel Beitou
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The Room of a Novelist
The Room of a Novelist
Be the Artist of Your Life
Be the Artist of Your Life
日光書房 Sunlight Reading Room
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精選烏龍茶 購買連結

“To lose one’s way is to begin a journey. To empty one’s mind is for containing more blessing.”

It is a renaissance project of a small old Taiwanese hotel.
It is a hotel in the hot spring area without hot spring, but embedded in the history and traditional lifestyle of an old Taiwanese neighborhood.
There won’t be any televisions to disturb your time when pausing to enjoy the quietness and inspiration away from the bustling life. Pick up a book if you want and find your favorite corner for reading. The speed of reading is what we believe to be the best speed for experiencing the traditional Taiwanese lifestyle.

Solo Singer Hotel is in a small hidden alley too narrow for cars to enter and is off Beitou Wenquan Road (Hot Springs Road) where a group of passionate travellers and artists started the renaissance project of a three-story inn over 60 years old. This new beginning introduces the spirit of Taiwan’s local alley culture to international travellers. Solo Singer Hotel has preserved the characteristics of Taiwan’s traditional inns. All of the guest rooms are different in layout. The team has tried as far as possible to preserve their original characteristics; the sloping walls, the narrow staircases and corridors. Every inch is a precious memory of Taiwan’s old inns, standing witness to the rise and fall of Taiwan’s indigenous culture and half a century of Beitou’s history.