Novelist Chung Wenyin is the Solo Singer long-stay artist in September! It seems that most writers are used to seeking Muse in the moonlight. However, you still have the chance to share a writer’s life. Not only writing, Wenyin also devoted herself in painting, photography, traveling, and living life passionately.

Are you curious about her? Or are you a big fan of hers? Then you cannot miss the chance to meet her every Tuesday or Wednesday at Café Solo Singer Life!

Now you can buy Chung Wenyin’s latest novel at Café Solo Singer Life. And you are welcome to share your thoughts after reading it.


Chung Wenyin Artists’ Living Room –
Sept/5(Tue), 12(Tue), 20(Wed), 26(Tue)


Cafe Solo Singer Life –
Tue.-Sun. 2pm-10pm



CHUNG Wenyin (fiction writer; Taiwan) is the author of story collections [Two People in One Day, The Past, Diary for You, Yesterday Reemerging, Old Appearances of Young Ladies, and Cities for Lovers]. Her novels include [Woman’s Island, Island Trilogy “Decayed Lust” “Decayed Life ” “Decayed Land” ]the voluminous books encompassing more than one million characters are the most ambitious literature work about Taiwan’s history up to this day.Chung Wen Yin is the recipient of a dozen literary awards, including Wu San-Lien Literature Prize. One of Taiwan’s most important literary awards