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The Season of Calla Lily is coming

The Calla Lily Festival starts from the end of March, from March 30th to April 29th. However the flower season will last till May! Spring has arrived quietly with these energetic flowers, you can see some calla Lily already! Here is some information about the transportation : Stop One:ZhuZiHu  From MRT : “Beitou” Station on the redline.…

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Old Guitar, New Chapter

We believe time can keep warmth on something that someone had spent a long time with such as your room at your juvenile age, a piano that you used to play, or a guitar that you had spent a lot of nights making. Beitou based Lee Guitar and Solo Singer Hotel, which hold the same…

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Travel Northward – In the Season of Calla Lily

Calla lily season is here! Flowers are warming up for the spring party. Come to Yangmingshan National Park and join the party! The season of Calla Lily runs on 3/24-4/23. Here is some information about the transportation : Stop One:ZhuZiHu  From MRT : “Beitou” Station on the redline. /From Solo Singer Hotel : Bus  “First…

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Yangmingshan in Winter

One of Solo Singer staffs took this photo when having a morning hiking. It was Yangmingshan National Park covered with snow in 2016 winter. That day was a record to Beitou residents because the last time they saw the white mountain was eleven years ago. Yangmingshan National Park is a gift to Beitou residents and…

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A Letter for Love

Valentine’s day is coming to town. There is no better time to enjoy the warmth of lovers. Except spending time together, it’s also the moment to express your gratitude toward supportive lovers, family members, and BFFs. Solo Singer Hotel promises you a happy and warm Valentine. Book through our official website and stay between 2017/2/10~2/24.…

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