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Old Guitar, New Chapter

We believe time can keep warmth on something that someone had spent a long time with such as your room at your juvenile age, a piano that you used to play, or a guitar that you had spent a lot of nights making. Beitou based Lee Guitar and Solo Singer Hotel, which hold the same…

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A Letter for Love

Valentine’s day is coming to town. There is no better time to enjoy the warmth of lovers. Except spending time together, it’s also the moment to express your gratitude toward supportive lovers, family members, and BFFs. Solo Singer Hotel promises you a happy and warm Valentine. Book through our official website and stay between 2017/2/10~2/24.…

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2013 打開北投週

Solo Singer將帶給喜愛北投的妳/你連續一個禮拜的活動-“打開北投週” 從不同的觀點一起品味北投,探尋北投的巷弄生活![Solo Singer茶室講座] 9/29 14~16 凝視台北 / 一種隱藏的秩序 主講人:archicake創意總監 王耀邦(格子) 10/5 14~16 日本小地方的玩法 主講人:台灣一人觀光局長 青木由香 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k_2ouICqO0u6U35FMWy_jMouubMKqq8M0SIfU8UHTGY/viewform [青硫社北投巷弄導覽] 9/28 14~16 “硫”行北投-時光巷弄療癒之旅 10/12 14~16 “Sulfuring” Beitou -a healing journey in Beitou’s alley (英文場) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1rLnEQiA3qIM9nMEUvjiNwvdKeiMGNwURGbhRlxlf6xc/viewform [北投闖關大冒險] 10/20 13~17 巴頭澳1971事件簿-北投巷弄闖關大冒險 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/162BSDJuDKsHodU0puyTC_hNVWM2ThbXvW85k3KhVdxE/viewform 想更瞭解北投嗎?你/妳也可以報名擔任關主歐! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sDga2SZgByg0n7pxLIpKTZarSqu6q9w9abjRqWhaGjE/viewform +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For those who love Beitou and are glad to explore more about the beauty…

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