The body actually becomes a piece of luggage when traveling. Travelers bring their bodies through different spaces. Images on the transparent glass allow the body to move forward, transform, and move along with the surrounding environment. The body intersperses, intersects and overlaps in the space, and the moving sceneries, as the body’s border thus dissipates during the trip.




Solo Singer Inn 101茶室


王蕾瑩 Wang Raying


國立彰化師範大學美術學系碩士,創作取向主要在探討女性身分、身體影像與自我狀態三者間的流動關係。 女性性別讓自我在現實生活與內在感性中產生拉扯、分裂,使身體與心靈無法化約為對等協調的一體。以玻璃和影像的穿透感詮釋女性的心理狀態和社會價值與意義,透過媒材特性展現女性處在一個自己看不透的困境。

The focus of the creation is to explore the dynamic relationship among self-state, female identities and body image based on personal creativity.  The character conflict, emotional struggle and self-conscious between inner-self and external values upon the female is investigated as well.  As a result, the female identity leads to the emotional struggle and separation of self in both real life and inner sensibility, thus hinders the harmonization of the body and the mind.  Through the transparency of glass and images, the state of mind of the female as well as the value and significance of society are depicted.  The unseen predicament of the female is therefore portrayed.