Solo Singer Artist Interview + Eric Charles Olmstead Art Exhibition

Solo Singer : How does travel influence your creative process ?
Eric Charles Olmstead : Instead of touching upon the physical and visual aspects of a “journey” based on what the eye can see, I prefer to capture transcendent elements… primarily what the heart can feel. It all began a decade ago when I decided to leave Los Angeles and live as a nomadic traveler of the world, resulting in a decade of “inspired revelation” and a lot of stories to tell.

Solo Singer : What role do your travel sketchbooks play in your life and why is this exhibition “Sketchbook Inspired” ?
Eric Charles Olmstead : To date, I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and have lived in many of them. I’ve accumulated twelve sketchbooks filled with collaged artwork and writings. It’s been profound and humbling to witness each travel sketchbook come to life and evolve as much as I personally have over the years. Using these books as reference material, I’ve created larger gallery pieces that allow me to once again re-live each experience and share with the viewer.

Solo Singer : How do you want the audience to go through your artwork ?
Eric Charles Olmstead : I want the viewer to ”co-inhabit” those fleeting sensations with me… falling in love with an enchanting beauty in Colombia, circling the country of Taiwan by bike, meeting locals and walking the night markets, becoming completely immersed in the marvels of Japan, being drugged, robbed and thrown from a car in Ecuador. Dynamic, breathing, living tales evoked through specific mediums, colors and movement that can hopefully trigger the observer’s own personal memories or fantasies as well. In the end, each painting becomes a collective impression of culture, life, hope, dreams, fear and love that is meant to be shared. I hope you will find adventure in this.

Solo Singer : Coming from the U.S. and being a global citizen, why do you choose Taiwan, Solo Singer Hotel in Taipei as the place for your exhibition in Asia?
Eric Charles Olmstead : Taiwan has been a place that I have found inspiration many times since I first visited in 2011. For my part, Beitou and Solo Singer Hotel have just the right mix of culture and nature that allow me to thrive as an artist all with a very strong support for the arts. It feels like a secret gem that not many people know about, and this is special for me.

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Art Exhibition “Sketchbook Inspired”:Peering into a nomad artist’s travel diary

Exhibition Dates: 2016 Feb 11 – 2016 Apr 24
Exhibition Hours: 2-10pm Everyday, Monday off. (same as of the cafe)
Special Dates: Artist Studio Open House – Every Saturday 3-6pm to the end of the exhibition – Feb/13.20.27, Mar/, Apr/

Venue: Cafe Solo Singer Life
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Address of Exhibition Venue and Artist Studuo:
No.1, Alley 1, Lane 7, WenQuan Rd., Taipei, Taiwan (台北市溫泉路7巷1弄1號)

Tel: +886-(0)2-28918312

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