『我在他的作品中,看見他非常想畫畫的心情。』 —奈良美智(Yoshitomo Nara)

今年最值得旅途中珍藏的畫冊,可以把畫中的心情帶在口袋裡隨處踏青的畫冊,如同它的名稱Rolling in the Grass 在草地上打滾。全部的作品都由大家小時候熟悉的蠟筆繪成,作品曾經獲得Geisai Taiwan#3奈良美智賞,創作者蔡安騰先生同時也是Solo Singer的管家,歡迎住宿的朋友有興趣可以和他交流。

原價480元Solo Singer旅人私藏價 430元 / 另贈小幅限量海報

“In his works, I see the passion of wanting to draw…” Yoshitomo Nara.

Anteng Tsai and the album of his art works, Rolling in the Grass, are now both at Solo Singer Inn. Anteng Tsai is the winner of Yoshitomo Nara Award of Geisai Taiwan #3. The pocket-size album, and the special layout and order of the drawings is Anteng’s unique way of telling stories. Rolling in the Grass is going to be the best collection in a traveller’s suitcase this year.

Solo Singer Guests’ Special Offer 430NTD/each with a limited edition poster.