[Work and Stay at Solo Singer for Free] Now Receiving Applications!!!

[Solo Singer換宿計劃] 開始接受申請!!!


工作時間:9:00-13:00 (4 hours a day) 依當天住房情形彈性調整
換宿房間:Solo Singer套房,與另一位換宿夥伴為室友
有興趣的人請寫一封簡短的Email到[email protected],並且註明以下資訊:

1) 姓名

2) 性別

3) 國籍

4) 語言

5) 換宿時間

6) 簡短自我介紹

7) 其他技能

Vacancies: 2 people at a time
Minimal Term of Stay: 1 Month
Work Language: Mandarin / English (Japanese is a plus)
Duties: housekeeping, front-desk assistance, and over-night on call after 22:00 (take turns)
Work Hours: 4 hours a day during 09:00-13:00 depending on the booking
Accommodation: staff room at Solo Singer Inn shared with the other person

**Please send us a short introduction of yourself to [email protected] that include the following information:

1) Name:

2) Gender:

3) Nationality / Status of Visa:

4) Language Ability:

5) Term of Stay:

6) Self-introduction:

7) Other Skills: