Solo Singer‘s Belief

“To Go and Become”

Traveling is not about being tourists,
but about learning how to live local lives and learning about ourselves.

Our Environmental Commitment

Limiting Disposable Items: No disposable items if the only benefit is convenience. Most suppliers use reusable containers when they deliver to us.
Providing Environmentally Friendly Items: 100% tree-free eco toilet paper and biodegradable toiletries are used through out the hotel.
Our True Hearts for You: We keep on traveling and learning for it’s important for us to host you with our improved selves each time.

Our Story

To lose one’s way is to begin a journey. To empty one’s mind is for containing more blessing.
It is a renaissance project of a small old Taiwanese hotel. It is a hotel in the hot spring area without hot spring, but embedded in the history and traditional lifestyle of an old Taiwanese neighborhood.

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Contact Us and Direction

Beitou is located at the northern part of Taipei City. Best for national park, hiking, cultural monuments and hot springs. Only 25 minutes away from city center, 15 minutes to TamShui, National Palace Museum, ShiLin Night Market.

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Solo Singer Storybook

There are no strangers here, only friends we haven’t met.

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Beitou started to develop at Qing Dynasty and thrived at Japanese Colonial Times. It is one of the Taipei’s oldest district. Surrounded by mountains, this land-lock and mountainous terrain gives Beitou its unique characteristic.

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